Shoppable Instagram Posts have arrived!

Shoppable Instagram Posts have arrived!

Ready to sell products directly from your Instagram post?

Instagram now allows you to tag products in your Instagram post so your customers can purchase product directly from your post rather than existing Instagram and searching your website.

Follow these steps to create shoppable Instagram posts:

1/ First you need to add the product you want to tag in your Instagram post to Facebook:

Facebook > Shop > Add Product (this is what links the product to the website checkout).

2/ Create an Instagram post

3/ Select Tag Products

Instagram how to tag products

4/ Tap the photo and a list of your products from Facebook will appear

5/ Select the product from your Facebook shop

6/ Save the post.

The result of this is that when a follower views the post they can tap the product and see the product details, they then can tap through to the product and select Shop Now which redirects to the product on your website. Here they just purchase and checkout.

It is a very effective way to direct sales straight from Instagram. Your user can purchase directly from your post, rather than going to the website and searching for the product etc.

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