How to add a line break or spaces in Instagram profile or caption

Instagram Line Breaks

Line breaks and paragraph spacing do not work in Instagram … but here are some tricks for you!


There are 3 ways to add line breaks in your Instagram posts.


1. Use a symbol

This is the easiest and fastest way to add a line break in your post.

You can use a dash, a full stop, a wave, an emoji etc and this extra character will act as a space.

If you use a symbol it will be visible in your post caption. If you want an invisible line break between your paragraphs, the below two options are for you …

2. Add an invisible line break in Instagram caption

To add invisible line breaks in your Instagram caption, you need to use invisible spaces.

Copy and paste the invisible spaces below:


Only past the spaces between these brackets and paste multiple times if you need more lines.

3. Use a scheduling app

Scheduling apps allow you to type your post using line breaks which then appear as line breaks in your post! Finding a scheduling app your like is really a matter of trial and error but my go to app is Gramto. I have tested Hootsuite, Buffer & Later but for ease of use and a bunch of other things I love including their automation Gramto is the clear winner.


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